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If you have a safeguarding concern, please call or email using the following contact details to speak to a designated safeguarding leader directly: 


MBS - 07572 872488


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In preparation to identify those parents that will fall within the keyworker category, if you consider yourselves to be a key worker please complete the form found on the link below


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Please find a list of websites/ links for places in Leicester where food banks are available, some also provide food pack deliveries when in self-isolation










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Class Charts allows parents to view their child’s progress over the course of a school day, in real time. The simple to use app (for iPhone and Android) can be downloaded to enable quick access to behaviour and rewards information. Click here for further information on Class Charts



Bullying and harassment


Anyone can be the target of bullying. It isn't always a form of physical violence, it can also be targeted towards emotional well-being of a group or individual.

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Eco Schools

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Madani Schools Federation has achieved the Eco Schools Silver Award for both schools



Parent Pay

Parent Pay

The School no longer accepts cash payments for lunches and trips. Payments will only be accepted using Parent Pay online or at a Paypoint Terminal.
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Zohra Sarwari & Alya Nuri visit to Madani


I am pleased to announce US Life Coach Sr Zohra Sarwari and her child author Alya Nuri made a special visit to Madani Schools Federation on Thursday 30 October 2014 to inspire our year 7 and 8 students.

Alya Nuri is an 11-year old Child Author and Speaker who started her writing career at the tender age of 7 and has now published in the series “Things Every Kid Should Know” Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, Bullying, and Junk Food. These books are available to purchase.

Alya is in the 8th grade and being homeschooled by 3 teachers. She loves reading books and working for the welfare of the poor and needy. She has written 10 articles and wants to continue writing more books for the betterment of the youth. She wants to pursue her passion of public speaking and coaching young people.

Alya has always wanted to make a difference, she wanted to bring a change in the environment around her; a positive change. When she saw that children and teenagers were getting involved in Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, Bullying, and Obesity at a very fast rate out of peer pressure or due to lack of knowledge, she decided to come up with a series consisting of books as a mission to create awareness amongst the youth and tell them how injurious these things were to their lives!

She has shared some fundamental information about Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, Bullying and Junk Food to help the youth Say “NO” to these bad habits. Alya Nuri wants to inspire children and their parents to be a part of this campaign, and be a productive and effective part of their community.

The series by Alya Nuri can be a great gift from every parent to his/her child to teach them how to handle the negative influences by the people around them, in addition to, choosing the right and healthy path. She believes that youth years are the most important phase of life. This is when the foundation is built, so it is better to utilize their energy in constructive and creative activities.

On behalf of everyone at Madani, I thank Alya and Zohra Sarwari for visiting Madani and inspiring our younger students. We hope they will visit us once again in future to inspire students coming through the Madani system.

Shakil Amanji on behalf of Shaykh Ashraf Makadam

Extended Schools Services Coordinator

"You could be healthier and you could use your brain more, if you stay away from things that are bad for you." – Alya Nuri (

Alya holding up one of her favourite books in the Madani library

3 steps to being a leader!

8th Grade student Alya Nuri talks to our students in regards to the qualities of leadership.

Senior Coach Zohra Sarwari and Alya in the making!

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