Monday 01 March 2021 |

Crest Awards


I am pleased to announce some of our year 10 students from Madani Girls School have completed and passed the assessment for the ‘Crest Awards’.  CREST is Britain’s largest national award scheme for project work in the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). The project gives 11 – 19 year olds opportunities to explore real world projects in a dynamic way. Since CREST was established 23 years ago, over 300,000 young people have gone on the CREST journey – 25,000 11 – 19 year olds achieved a CREST award in the last year alone. CREST awards are first-rate and give pupils a significant achievement for their efforts. They can be included in personal records of achievement and can be used towards UCAS applications and potential employers.


The awards were only able to take place due to the willingness of Sandra Onuoha and Anisha Natha from the Creative Arts Faculty who voluntarily took time out on weekends and delivered the programme to students from our school and Jameah Girls Academy. I congratulate them both for delivering such a beneficial programme. I also thank Maariyah Abubaker for her initial support and Muhammad Bhana for his support throughout.


Please find attached herewith names of students that successfully passed the programme and pictures taken from the project.


Wassalam/ Kind Regards,


Shakil Amanji on behalf of Maulana Ashraf Makadam

Extended Schools Services Coordinator|MSF


Benefits for students


A detailed independent evaluation of the scheme has shown that, through CREST, students:


· Discover how STEM fits in with society.

· Are encouraged to continue to study STEM subjects.

· Gain knowledge & skill – plus their aspirations, attitudes and decision making skills are all positively affected.


Students are encouraged to:


  • · Develop personal learning and thinking skills     
  • · Discover innovative solutions to their own lines of enquiry
  • · Improve their project planning skills
  • · Draw conclusions and evaluate their findings
  • · Consider projects in a real world context
    • · Learn how to explain their work