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Parent Pay

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To reduce the workload at reception, the School no longer accepts cash payments for lunches and trips. Payments will only be accepted using Parent Pay online or at Paypoint Terminal


Madani Schools Federation now offers parents/carers and staff the ability to use the internet to make payments. Using a highly secure website, , with a unique user ID and password, parents/carers and staff are able to pay for Lunch meals (cashless system) using your credit and debit cards. This is a free service to parents/carers and staff and there are no additional charges for paying on the internet.


Parents will receive a letter containing their user ID and password (Letter sent home via post). If you haven´t done so already, you may now log in with your activation code to make your first payment for school meals.  We will soon start to add trips and other expenses to the system. 


By using Parent Pay you will help us reduce workloads for office staff, creating more time to lend to educational support and the smooth running of the school. It also ensures that all money transactions are safe and secure.


Everyone will benefit from our new payment facility. ParentPay is easy-to-use and will offer you the freedom to make online payments whenever and wherever you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – safe in the knowledge that the technology used is of the highest internet security available and that funds will reach school safely.


With ParentPay, parents will have their own secure online account, activated using a unique username and password; making a payment using your credit or debit card is straightforward and ParentPay holds an electronic record of all payments for you to view at a later date. When you make a payment, an email confirmation is sent to you, giving you the reassurance that the transaction has been successful.


Getting started with ParentPay


You will soon receive your account activation username and password (Letter sent home via post). When you get these please follow the instructions below to set up your account:


1. Visit and click on the Login tab

2. Click the Activate link in the New user: Activate your account box

3. Enter your Activation username and password Please note- These are for one-time use only, you will choose your own username and password for future access

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate your account

5. Registering your email address will enable us to send you receipts and reminders

6. Once activation is complete you can go to My payment items, select which item(s) you wish to pay for and follow the simple on-screen instructions to complete your payment


Using PayPoint


PayPoint payments are recorded by and can be seen by logging into your account and viewing your payment history online. The nearest PayPoint store to the school is The Co-operative Food Leicester, Evington Road.


Please notify the school if you wish to use the PayPoint facility. A plastic card will be issued to you to make cash payments for school meals at local PayPoint stores. The first card is free of charge; however, any lost or damaged cards will be charged at £2.50 each.  Payment cards take about two weeks to arrive but we can issue a barcode letter as an interim measure.


Trip and activity information letters will carry a unique barcode which will allow you to make cash payments at your local PayPoint store.


We hope you will support us in achieving our goal to become a cashless school and reduce the workload on our staff. Your support in using ParentPay will help the school enormously, thank you. 

Please be assured that ParentPay offers the highest security and no card details are stored on the system or are accessible by the school or ParentPay.


If you do not have your activation letter, please contact the school office as soon as possible.

We look forward to your support in using ParentPay.


For more information please see FAQ’s on the Parent Pay website