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Y6 Transition


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If you have a safeguarding concern, please call or email using the following contact details to speak to a designated safeguarding leader directly: 


MBS - 07572 872488


MGS - 07376 222501



Identification of Key Worker

In preparation to identify those parents that will fall within the keyworker category, if you consider yourselves to be a key worker please complete the form found on the link below


 2 Key Worker Form


A definitive list of key worker categories can be found by clicking here




Food Banks | Leicester
Please find a list of websites/ links for places in Leicester where food banks are available, some also provide food pack deliveries when in self-isolation










Hadith Of The Week


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If you’re a former student of Madani Boys, Madani Girls School or even Madani High School, we want to hear from you!Read More




Class Charts

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Class Charts allows parents to view their child’s progress over the course of a school day, in real time. The simple to use app (for iPhone and Android) can be downloaded to enable quick access to behaviour and rewards information. Click here for further information on Class Charts



Bullying and harassment


Anyone can be the target of bullying. It isn't always a form of physical violence, it can also be targeted towards emotional well-being of a group or individual.

2Report Bullying Online



Eco Schools

Eco School


Madani Schools Federation has achieved the Eco Schools Silver Award for both schools



Parent Pay

Parent Pay

The School no longer accepts cash payments for lunches and trips. Payments will only be accepted using Parent Pay online or at a Paypoint Terminal.
 For more information on Parent Pay please click here



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Spiritual Saturday 2014

Following the success of our annual Spiritual Saturday programme which took place during the holidays, please find attached herewith pictures of our current students, ex students, staff and governors who volunteered at the event.

For those of you that may not be aware, we established the 'Madani Leadership Programme' in late 2012 to provide our students with the opportunity to volunteer at school and community events to enhance their sense of responsibility, leadership, confidence and improving their communication skills by connecting with the wider community more often to help them prepare for life during and after Madani. Furthermore, the programme was also introduced so that ex students were able to benefit for the exact same reasons stated above along with knowing that volunteering at such events gives them an opportunity to maintain ties with the school.

I kindly request parents to give positive feedback to their child for their outstanding efforts. We will insha’Allah, take everyone involved for a meal in the near future for their hard work and commitment.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Maulana Abdul Hameed for giving a inspirational speech for the youth on the day. As always, I thank staff members Bilal Ghodawala (ICT), Maariyah Aboobaker (ESS), Mohammed Karim (Lunch) and Hawa (Head Chef) for helping me prepare for this event. A big thank you to Mohammed Rayaz (P.E) for helping me with coordination throughout the day, and lastly, a special thank you to Mohammed Ebrahim (P.E) who continuously takes his time out to help the Federation at major events.

Shakil Amanji on behalf of Shaykh Ashraf Makadam
Extended Schools Services Coordinator

Yr 8 student Zakir Chowdhery helping Sir Mohammed prepare salad bowls.

Muhammed Umair Abowath, Ismail Patel and Ismail Scott

Food served in the Sports Hall to approximately 400 members of the community

The other end of the Sports Hall

Real G’s (meaning Gentlemen) – Ex students with Sir Rayaz

Our Ex students with a very happy Ismail Scott!


Our Year 11 students find a second to pose during serving time.

Ayaz Latkan (Ex student who suffers from Autism) seen below first on the left. His effort throughout the day deserves a special mention! May Allah bless him.

The Chair of Governors serving student volunteers.

Maulana Abdul Hameed getting in on the act after giving an enlightening speech earlier in the day.

Sir Rayaz & Sir Ebrahim with Governor Mussa Hajat & COG Hussein Suleman

Our ex students after a hard day’s work.. a bit too hard for Mr Valli it seems (first left).

Team photo
From left to right - Back row: Abid Varudi, Yusuf Peerbhai, Abdul Raheem M. Haji, Azzam Faruq, Muhammad Ali, Mohammed Valli, Zakariya Yusuf, Ayaz Latkan, Abdullahi Mohamud, Mohammed Patel, Shakir Chowdhery, Umar Ahmed, Zakariya Akram, Jamil Ahmed.
Middle Row: Afeef Vohra, Saeed Muhammad, Muhammad A. Hajat, Ismail Scott, Mohammad Patel, Muhammad U. Abowath, Ismail Patel, Abdelkader Zemouli.
Front Row: Anas Mohamud, Abdullah Duaale, Zakir Chowdhery.
Staff: Mohammed Ebrahim, Shakil Amanji.


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Isha 22:32 22:45
Jumu'ah Salah: 13.30
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