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Eco Schools

Eco School


Madani Schools Federation has achieved the Eco Schools Silver Award for both schools



Parent Pay

Parent Pay

To reduce the workload at reception, the School no longer accepts cash payments for lunches and trips. Payments will only be accepted using Parent Pay online or at a Paypoint Terminal.
 For more information on Parent Pay please click here



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Committee Membership


Committee Membership: Agreed October 2013
List of Committee Membership (see below):

Achievement Committee
(Data Management including Inclusion)

Ahmed Esat (Chair)
Khalid Patel
Mussa Hajat
Headteacher – automatic member

Quorum of 3

Quality of Teaching Committee
(Teaching & Learning)

Khalid Patel (Chair)
Mussa Hajat
Ashraf Makadam
Headteacher – automatic member

Quorum of 3

Behaviour, Safety & Community
(Behaviour, attendance & punctuality - BAP) 

Ben Gillard (Chair) – BAP 
Ashraf Makadam – (Chair) – Community
Muhummud Yaaseen Kaasim
Hussain Suleman
Headteacher – automatic member

Quorum of 3

Leadership & Management Committee 

Rafique Patel (Chair) – Finance
Mussa Hajat (Chair) – Staffing
Hussain Suleman
Bashir Adam
Anwar Patas
Ahmed Esat
Headteacher – automatic member

Quorum of 3

Hearings & Appeals Committee


Grievance/Capability/Staff Disciplinary/Pupil Exclusion/Complaints/Appeals Committee

Panel of 3 eligible governors

Prayer Times

Begins Jama’at
Fajar 03:44 05:30
Sunrise 06:02
Zuhr 13:12 13:30
Asr 17:58 19:00
Magrib 20:13 20:13
Isha 21:36 21:50
Jumu'ah Salah: 13.30

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 August 2017
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