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Madani Schools Federation has achieved the Eco Schools Bronze Award for both schools



Parent Pay

Parent Pay

To reduce the workload at reception, the School will no longer accept cash payments for lunches and trips in the new academic year August 2016. Payments will only be accepted using Parent Pay online or at a Paypoint Terminal

We’re pleased to announce that we have switched to a new online payment service for you to pay for your child’s school dinner. Using a secure website called ParentPay you are now able to make payments to school online using your credit or debit card. For more information on Parent Pay please click here



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Term Times 2016-2017

Autumn Term 1st half: No of days
Schools Open Wed 24th August 2016 36
Eid ul-Adha Holidays* Mon 12th September 2016
Schools Close Fri 14th October 2016
Autumn Half Term Holiday Mon 17th October 2016 – Fri 21st October 2016
Autumn Term 2nd half:No of days
Schools Open Mon 24th October 2016 40
Schools Close Fri 16th December 2016
End of Autumn Term Holiday Mon 19th December 2016 - Tue 3rd January 2017    
Spring Term 1st half:No of days
Schools Open Wed 4th January 2017 28
Schools Close Fri 10th February 2017
Spring Half Term Holiday Mon 13th February 2017 - Fri 17th February 2017
Spring Term 2nd half:No of days
Schools Open Mon 20th February 2017 35
Schools Close Fri 7th April 2017
End of Spring Term Holiday Mon 10th April 2017 – Fri 21st April 2017
Summer Term 1st half:No of days
Schools Open Mon 24th April 2017 24
Schools Close Fri 26th May 2017
End of Spring Term Holiday Mon 29th May 2017 – Fri 2nd June 2017
Summer Term 2nd half:No of days
Schools Open Mon 5th June 2017 27
Eid ul-Fitr Holidays Mon 26th June 2017
Schools Close Wed 12th July 2017
Summer Holiday begins Thu 13th July 2017
Total number of school days190
Bank Holidays

29th August 2016

26th & 27th December 2016

2nd January 2017

14th & 17th April 2017

1st May 2017

29th May 2017

Inset Days

22nd & 23rd August 2016

3rd January 2017


 * Please note that should Eid ul-Adha and / or Eid ul-Fitr be celebrated on Tuesday 13th September 2016 and Tuesday 27th June 2017 respectively, then the additional one or two days holiday will be made up at the end of the academic year


  Madani Schools Federation Term Dates 2016-2017



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