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If you’re a former student of Madani Boys, Madani Girls School or even Madani High School, we want to hear from you!Read More




Class Charts

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Class Charts allows parents to view their child’s progress over the course of a school day, in real time. The simple to use app (for iPhone and Android) can be downloaded to enable quick access to behaviour and rewards information. Click here for further information on Class Charts






We are looking for individuals:
With the respect and trust of others

  • > With an understanding of local communities and society in general > Who are approachable, friendly and confident
    > With a commitment to sit on approximately 6 appeal days a year.

You will receive full training and travel expenses when attendingschool appeals.
For more information please telephone 0116 249 8080



Eco Schools

Eco School


Madani Schools Federation has achieved the Eco Schools Silver Award for both schools



Parent Pay

Parent Pay

The School no longer accepts cash payments for lunches and trips. Payments will only be accepted using Parent Pay online or at a Paypoint Terminal.
 For more information on Parent Pay please click here



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Term Times 2018 - 2019


Autumn Term 1st half: No of days
Schools Open Thu 30th August 2018 37
Schools Close Fri 19th October 2018
Autumn Half Term Holiday Mon 22nd October 2018 - Fri 26th October 2018
Autumn Term 2nd half:No of days
Schools Open Mon 29th October 2018 40
Schools Close Fri 21st December 2018
End of Autumn Term Holiday Mon 24th December 2018 - Mon 7th January 2019
Spring Term 1st half:No of days
Schools Open Tue 8th January 2019 29
Schools Close Fri 15th February 2019
Spring Half Term Holiday Mon 18th February 2019 - Fri 22nd February 2019
Spring Term 2nd half:No of days
Schools Open Mon 25th February 2019 35
Schools Close Fri 12th April 2019
End of Spring Term Holiday Mon 15th April 2019 - Fri 26th April 2019
Summer Term 1st half:No of days
Schools Open Mon 29th April 2019 19
Schools Close Fri 24th May 2019
Summer Half Term Holiday Mon 27th May 2019 - Fri 31st May 2019
Eid Ul-Fitr Holidays  Mon 3rd June 2019 - Wed 5th June 2019
Summer Term 2nd half:No of days
Schools Open Thu 6th June 2019 30 
Schools Close Wed 17th July 2019
Summer Holiday begins Thu 18th July 2019
Total number of school days190
Bank Holidays

27th August 2018

25th December 2018

26th December 2018

1st January 2019

19th & 22nd April 2019

6th May 2019

27th May 2019

Inset Days

28th August 2018

29th August 2018

7th January 2019



  Madani Schools Federation Term Dates 2018-2019