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Purpose of study


Students study music in two strands, an introductory unit during Y7 to gain access to the basic skills and knowledge of both composition, performance and structure of music in a historical and culturally broad context. Supported by the duff drum, pupils gain an understanding of the musical elements and learn how to play an instrument.

During Y8 students build upon core skills to collaboratively create, develop, review and perform their own compositions inspired by the school ethos embedding positive messages in inventive and innovative ways. Students develop an understanding of historical and contemporary greats appreciating context and culture.



Mr A Azeez – Creative Arts Co-ordinator/ Art Teacher


Mr I Abdullatif – Design Technology / Product Design / Food Teacher


Mr I Kasu – Department Technician


Key stage 3




: Composing- improvising musical repeated patterns

: Knowledge – understanding and identifying different musical elements

: Performing – using voice with expression

: Evaluation – making improvements and comments on own and others work




: Composing – compose and improve in different styles

: Knowledge – explain different types of music, how different musical styles have influenced each other

: Performing – select and make expressive use of the musical elements, working individually and in groups

: Evaluation – refine and improve own work, making and justifying own musical judgments

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