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The Mathematics Department aims to promote the appreciation of the power and beauty of mathematics within each student and to enable each student to develop their mathematical skills and understanding to the limit of their capability. As mathematics is an essential prerequisite for many other subjects within the school curriculum, the department aims to provide each student with the mathematical background that they require to be able to apply their mathematics successfully in other areas.

Mathematics is critical in helping us to understand and change the world. It plays a vital role in many aspects of life. Mathematics provides a broad range of skills in problem solving, logical reasoning and flexible thinking.

At Madani we aim to set challenging targets with high expectations of all students. The students are given the opportunity to develop fluency in performing key mathematical tasks and to think logically and flexibly to develop sound mathematical arguments as well as solving problems.


Mrs A Desai: Head of Maths
Ms  S Popat: Teacher of Maths
Mrs S Mulla: Teacher of Maths



As you are aware there have been many changes to the maths curriculum recently. Our priority is to make sure your daughter is prepared for the new Maths GCSE’s. The main changes that will effect students is that they will be expected to learn formulae that were previously given in the exam and they will need to know maths for a Foundation course that was previously only taught at higher level. As for the Higher GCSE, there is a lot of new material, some of which, is taken from the A level curriculum.

In preparation, the maths department have written new schemes of work to accommodate the changes and provide a useful tool for parents and students to monitor learning.

The Maths curriculum is split in to 11 units (10 units for year 7). For each unit there is a ‘threshold sheet’ which lists key skills the pupils need to know for that unit. Each threshold sheet will be referenced with ‘Corbett Maths’ clip numbers. These clip numbers (and other websites, details below) will enable students (and parents to monitor) to do the independent continuous revision/ recapping in response to feedback from assessments.

Parents will also have access to the teaching schedule (Time plan) so they can see exactly what is being taught from week to week and when all the assessments are.

We believe that the success of our students relies on a collaborative effort from:

 - Teachers (by teaching the content, differentiating appropriately and providing regular feedback to students)

 - Students (by responding to the feedback provided by the teacher by doing the independent work to address weaknesses, bringing correct equipment, positive attitude to learning)

 - Parents (by ensuring the student comes to school with the correct equipment and does the relevant work at home)


Essentially the ‘GCSE’ content is taught from the start of year 7 although the emphasis on grades comes in at year 9.

Units to be taught for KS3 and KS4


Number and Calculations (Unit 1)

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (Unit 2)

Algebra (Unit 3)

Graphs and Sequences (Unit 4)

Mensuration (Area, Perimeter, volume etc) (Unit 5)

Ratio and Proportion (Unit 6)

Transformations (Unit 7)

Angles and Constructions (Unit 8)

Probability (Unit 9)

Statistics (Unit 10)

Special Triangles (comes in at yr 8) (Unit 11)


Examinations offered at KS4

AQA GCSE Mathematics

- Students will be entered for either Foundation tier or Higher tier

- Students will sit 3 papers equally weighted.

  - Paper 1 (non- calculator)

  - Paper 2 (Calculator)

  - Paper 3 (Calculator)



Revision / independent learning resources: (click on ‘videos’ to access the clips referenced on the threshold sheets)

Mathswatch videos can be accessed on the ‘P’ drive.

Mathswatch videos are also available on youtube by typing in for example ‘mathswatch clip on reverse percentage.’

ALSO – Just type in the topic and ‘GCSE’ or ‘KS3’ in to GOOGLE and it will bring up many videos/ revision resources for pupils to use.


Text books : CGP Revision Guides and Exam Practice Books are available for parents to buy for a discounted package price of £5.00 for both the books – please note these books are optional but are recommended purchases in ensuring your child is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills required for the new Maths specifications.

At Madani Girls School we want to give every student the opportunity to do their best and achieve their potential in Maths. In light of this, we have subscribed to Maths Watch for all our students. This is a fantastic new facility with a range of excellent features. 

Benefits include:

• It is appropriate for students of all ages and abilities

• It supports learning through extension and revision work

• Teachers can monitor student usage and the work that is completed

• It can be accessed from anywhere with internet access so can be used at home or in school

• Students can be set work and can refer to videos related to the question/topic to support and help further develop their understanding

• It can be accessed through an App if students have smartphones

All students now have a log in and password for Mathswatch VLE which is available from your teacher

Mathematics Map of Learning

Mathematics Map of Learning



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