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Leicester Progressive Jewish Congregation

Leicester Progressive Jewish Congregation invited Madani Schools Federation to an interfaith dialogue at Neve Shalom Synagogue on Sunday 8th February 2015. The event was attended by:


Mr I Patel (Deputy Head)

Miss Sumeya Bhikhu (Deputy Head)

Aaishah Ahmed 10AM – (Madani Girls School)

Usama Karatella 10NA (Madani Boys School)

On Sunday 8th February, I was privileged enough to visit Leicester’s most popular Synagogue situated in Stoneygate. I had the opportunity to meet a variety of different people from the Jewish faith, by socializing with all those who attended the event I was able to discover new aspects and religious beliefs from those of different faiths.

As part of the R.E curriculum in school, I studied the basics of the Jewish faith, however speaking to individuals about their interpretations of Jewish practices it gave me a broader insight.

I had the chance to converse with Rabbi Mark Solomon, currently the Rabbi of the Edinburgh Liberal Jewish Community and Interfaith Consultant for Liberal Judaism, as well as Associate Chair of the Beit Din of Liberal Judaism. His talk really inspired me giving me background knowledge of Jewish history as well as information about how the Leicester Hebrew Congregation was established in this city.

I was very touched and honoured that people took time out to tell me about their life experiences as Jews. We discussed the importance of peace, unity and looking at the similarities shared by our two great religions. I am grateful that I got to experience this at the synagogue. I was also reminded about the responsibility we all have to ensure that there is positive community cohesion in Leicester between all faiths and cultures.

Aaishah Ahmed 10AM - Madani Girls School



It was an enjoyable and productive experience and one that I would not have normally had an opportunity to attend. By mingling with members of the Jewish community I learned that we share similar perspectives and have lots in common. I was surprised at how small the Jewish community in Leicester is. I was able to share my views on current matters and took the opportunity to invite members at the event back to Madani.

In R.E. classes I will be sharing with other students my experience of the day. I felt a real sense of community spirit and was proud to represent my Islam as a young British Muslim.

Usama Karatella 10NA - Madani Boys School