Saturday 25 September 2021 |

Gurdwara Visit

On Wednesday 10th June, boys from Year 8 visited the Guru Amar Das Gurdwara on Clarendon Park Road. We recently studied Sikhism and leant about the place of worship being an integral aspect of the religion. We firmly believe that it is important for our pupils to understand all religions and respect the beliefs of all.


Daljit Makan who hosted our sessions gave the following report on behalf of the Gurdwara. "It was a great pleasure for me to address the Year 8 boys’ group yesterday and I congratulate you for bringing them to the Gurdwara to learn more about Sikh faith, tradition, Zodiac, philosophy and our emphasis on respect, equality and honest living. I always try make such sessions as interactive as possible and I was very impressed just how well behaved, attentive and responsive the children were. I must also say that it was an equal pleasure meeting you and your colleagues. Such meetings and exchanges of dialogue can only serve to strengthen the ties and bonds between our faith communities and to reaffirm Leicester’s rather enviable status as a shining beacon of harmonious inter-faith relations."


We hope to give our pupils many more opportunities to visit different places of worship to complement the learning that takes place in Religious Education.