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Interfaith Sharing Day

Interfaith Schools Project 2015


Through diversity we thrive!


In February 2015, Century of Stories met with four faith schools in Leicester and Leicestershire – Our students from Madani Boys and Madani Girls School, Sikh young people from Falcons Primary School, Hindu young people from Krishna Avanti School and Christian young people from St John the Baptist School with the aim of coming together for the first time to learn about and share with the wider community, their faith connections to WW1.

With the four schools on board, the outcome of the project was to culminate in an Interfaith Sharing Day in partnership with the Sikh Welfare and Cultural Society.




Every person in Leicester and Leicestershire has a connection to World War One. This unique sharing day showcased the learning of pupils from the Sikh, Hindu, Christian and Muslim communities which connects to their personal heritage and contributions 100 years ago.


To encourage children to learn more about their own heritage and the shared heritage of Leicester and Leicestershire

To encourage pupils to discover their connection to WW1

For pupils to work on a creative project to showcase their learning

To share the learning of each Faith’s connection to WW1 between schools and also regionally and nationally

Involvement of wider family members

To build the trust of, and send a signal to, the wider community about interfaith sharing, learning and peace. This unique event aimed to build community cohesion starting with the younger generation. It highlighted that diversity of people’s different backgrounds and circumstances should be appreciated and positively valued.


On 29th October 2015 everyone gathered at the Council Chambers, County Hall, to share the performances each school had prepared. Among the many important guests, we were delighted to be joined by Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Education, Minister for Women and Equalities and MP for Loughborough.

The event was a huge success, emotional and enjoyable for all who attended.