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COVID-19 Testing for Students


COVID-19 Testing for Students


Thank you for your support with Lateral Flow Testing (LFD). We are pleased to report that testing in school so far has identified No positive cases. Our students have managed wonderfully during their three supervised tests on site at school. Testing at school ends this week and in line with Department of Education guidance, students will now be asked to regularly test at home, twice every week spaced out every 3-5 days apart.




Please report all test results (Positive, Unclear (void) and Negative) to Madani Schools Federation via the link: Report to Madani Schools Federation Home Self-test Result


Please find below guidance relating to Covid-19 Home Self-test kits issued to students. (Information Letter | Schedule | Frequently Asked Questions | quick access QR Codes)


2 Student Home Self-testing Letter 25.03.21

2 Student Home Self-Test Schedule

2 Frequently Asked Questions

2 QR Code Leaflet

2 Covid-19 Home Self-test Results



 Covid-19 Self-testing Guidance (English)

 Covid-19 Self-testing Guidance (Arabic)

 Covid-19 Self-testing Guidance (Bengali)

 Covid-19 Self-testing Guidance (Gujarati)

 Covid-19 Self-testing Guidance (Somali)

 Covid-19 Self-testing Guidance (Urdu)


Video: how to self-test

Watch a short video demonstration of how to take the test.





2 Information letter explaining test (26.02.21)