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Student Services


Student Services is based in the Schools reception and supports students with queries from online learning such as Doddle, MathsWatch, Method Maths to Student Lockers, Trips, Student ID cards etc.


New Online Payment System


Madani Schools Federation will be moving to a new online parental communication system ‘MCAS: My Child at School’ for the Academic year 2020-21.


Therefore, ParentPay and ClassCharts will no longerbe in use from July 2020.



‘MCAS: My Child at School’ provides you with a method of straightforward communication with the school enabling you to view the following information about your child in real-time via the MCAS phone app and/or a via web browser:


ü  Lunch Payments

ü  Trip Payments

ü  Timetable

ü  Attendance

ü  Behaviour / Rewards / Attitude to Learning

ü  School Calendar

ü  Homework

ü  Pupil Performance Data

ü  Reports

ü  Announcements / messages from School

ü  Examination Timetables

ü  School Letters

ü  Parent’s Evening Booking

ü  Check Contact Information

ü  Afterschool sessions


Parents / Carers MUST REGISTER their child to ‘MCAS: My Child at School’ to enable payments for school lunches and trips. Please note Madani Schools Federation is a CASHLESS school and therefore we CANNOT ACCEPT any cash payments.

To activate your child’s account, please find attached your personal activation details (including Username / Password) as well as a leaflet providing further information.


To ensure a smooth start to the year please ensure that you install and set up your ‘MCAS: My Child at School’ account before 21st August 2020.


If you require any further information or require any further support, please do not hesitate to contact  Student Services: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">



My Child At School (MCAS)




Madani Boys School 11931


Madani Girls School 11932



 MCAS My Child At School - Activation Letter


 MCAS My Child At School - Parent Guide


 MCAS My Child At School - Parent Quick Guide


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