Friday 03 December 2021 |

Parent Carer Evening


Year 8 | Parent / Carer Evening | SchoolCloud | Online | Monday 2nd December 2021


All Subjects: 3.20pm – 6.20pm | Languages: 1.55pm – 6.20pm


Appointments for Languages can be made from 1.55pm and for All Subjects from 3.20pm. This will be an online only event via SchoolCloud.


Parent / Carer evening will provide you with an opportunity to discuss your child’s academic achievement, development and progress with your child’s subject teachers. As you are no doubt aware, parental engagement is crucial to support student progress and thus it is very important that you attend and extend the on-going dialogue with staff, and receive the latest feedback for your child.


Parent / Carers have highlighted to us the advantages of continuing Parent / Carer evening online via SchoolCloud namely:


· Childcare particularly where they may have younger children

· Child pickup from other schools

· Madressah

· Work and the difficulty in taking time off

· Feeling safe due to ongoing Covid-19 situation

· Parking Issues in the early evening

· Darker Winter evenings


If you require any support with translation, please do indicate by contacting Student Services with your Child’s name and your home language. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Year 9 Language Options


To support students in their language acquisition ready for their GCSE’s, Madani Schools Federation provide the opportunity for all students to select their chosen language (French or Arabic) for Year 9. Students have been guided through this process both in class, during our Curriculum Showcase in October and through Tutor time.

All Year 8 parent(s)/carer(s) will have the opportunity to talk to their child’s French / Arabic teacher about their child’s prospective language choice. These will be chosen in Spring 2022.


Subject Related Feedback / Information Videos / Learner Profiles / Queries


In order to accommodate all Parent(s)/Carer(s), this year we have introduced Subject related feedback via specific subject information videos (found below). These will provide you with the opportunity to review what your child has been doing so far this year and what their next steps in learning are. There is also an additional information video related to Learner Profiles and how your child is assessed.


Click here to view the Assesments / Learner Profiles Presentation


Click here to view Madani Boys School Subject Related Feedback


Click here to view Madani Girls School Subject Related Feedback


If you have any specific questions related to your child / their subject(s) but are unable to attend / make an appointment, you are also able to put any queries forward via their Subject email found below (Key Contacts)


Key Contacts (Click image to enlarge)


key contacts nov 2021


Booking a Parent / Carer Appointment


The SchoolCloud Booking system allows you to choose your own appointment times with your child’s Subject teacher. Once you have booked your appointment, you will receive an email from SchoolCloud confirming your appointment(s). Please find attached a short 1-page step-by step guide to booking an appointment.

To book your appointments, please visit:


Madani Boys School:

Madani Girls School:


Appointment bookings open: 4pm Thursday 25th November 2021


Appointment bookings close: 4pm Wednesday 1st December 2021 You can amend appointments online at any point before this closing time/date.


Attending your Parent / Carer Appointment


A successful parent / carer evening meeting will involve both your attendance and that of your child. In order to manage an efficient schedule for all parent(s)/carer(s), please ensure you attend your meeting within your allocated meeting time slot(s). If you require any further meeting time, please indicate this to the subject teacher – please note that this may need to be arranged for a different day due to time restrictions.  

If you require any support or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Student Services:


0116 249 8080 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.