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Art & Design

Creative Arts Department

‘There are two choices in life, either to accept things as they are or to accept responsibility for changing them.’

The Creative Arts Department is very much geared towards empowering pupils opportunities for exploration and expression, developing individuals with the confidence ability and knowledge to participate in, think about and contribute creatively to improve tomorrow's rapidly changing world.

Very much a forward thinking subject area, pupils are challenged to think about and question the world we live in in Art & Design, and to find tomorrow’s solutions for the world’s problems in Design and Technology.

Delivered by teachers with extensive industrial experience, as well as currently practising in various fields of art & design, within Art pupils work with traditional and new media, developing confidence, competence, imagination and creativity. They learn to appreciate and value images and artefacts across times, cultures, specialisms and to understand the contexts in which they were made. Pupils reflect critically on their own and other people‘s work, judging quality, value and meaning. They learn to think and act as artists, craftspeople and designers, working creatively and intelligently.

The wide variety of specialisms available within the department provides pupils with a variety of opportunities to develop their capabilities through combining their creativity, innovation, designing and making skills whilst acquiring knowledge, understanding and creating quality outcomes.

In Design and Technology pupils combine practical and technological skills with creative thinking to design and make products and systems that meet human needs. They learn to use current technologies and consider the impact of future technological developments. They learn to think creatively and intervene to improve the quality of life, solving problems as individuals and members of a team.


Mr A Azeez (Department Co-Ordinator / Art & Design Teacher / Graphic Designer)

Mr I Abdullatif (Teacher of Technology)

Mr I Kasu (Department Technician / Illustrator)


Key stage 3


"Allah is beautiful and loves beauty.” [Muslim]

Key stage 3


Pupils are given an exciting, relevant, engaging and broad grounding in a variety of areas in line with the expectations of National Curriculum. Delivered across 5 broad specialisms, with each area consisting of projects exploring historical and contemporary icons and a variety of cultural contexts. The overall aim to provide a strong foundation in the subject area for further GCSE study or for personal cultural development and appreciation.

Visual Communication - The use of image and typography to convey meaning via marketing, identity, illustration

Fine Art - A broad exploration of drawing, painting and expression

Textiles - Expressive work within printmaking, fashion design, surface decoration

3D Art - Exploration of form through sculpture, modelling and architecture.

Photography - The captured image, digital manipulation, media, process and techniques including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Design & Technology


At Key Stage 3, in each year group, students complete four projects that fall under the categories of Food Technology, CAD/CAM, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and Product Design.


Key stage 4


Key stage 4

Successful Key Stage 3 study allows pupils to effectively engage with and explore Art & Design or Product Design at GCSE, gaining valuable transferrable skills such as creative thinking and problems solving or setting themselves up for further study, leading to a vast array of careers.

Art & Design

The OCR GCSE Art & Design course provides opportunities to explore different areas of Art & Design and to then specialise in chosen areas in order to deliver a coursework project under controlled assessment conditions. Pupils can develop innovative branding for business, develop digital communication and marketing, express themselves through Fine Art, Islamic Calligraphy or Fashion or develop 3D outcomes through architecture or 3D design.

Pupils build a portfolio in a series of centre led starting points to gain 60% of their grade, culminating in an historical and contextual exploration in the form of a Set Task for 40% of their overall grade, measured against 4 GCSE assessment objectives:

AO1 Research - Develop ideas through investigation

AO2 Ideas - Refine ideas through experimentation

AO3 Development - Record ideas through observation and insights

AO4 Outcome - Present a personal and informed response.



Design & Technology 

Students will develop the ability to: Identify, investigate and outline design possibilities to address needs and wants. Design and make prototypes that are fit for purpose. Analyse and evaluate: design decisions and outcomes, including for prototypes made by themselves and others; wider issues in design and technology. Demonstrate and apply knowledge and understanding of: technical principles, designing and making principles. There are 7 Units students will study in total that will contribute towards the final exam 50% and NEA (Non Exam Assessment) 50% of the GCSE.

Product Design

Pupils study the 4 strands of Design & Technology during Year 10, providing pupils with a range of exciting opportunities and projects in preparation for focusing on a particular specialism as the course progresses. Following the AQA GCSE Product Design Specification, pupils will identify a problem through detailed and evidenced research, and follow the design process to develop a successful, innovative and creative solution. Developing key making skills in the process.

Encouraging entrepreneurship, pupils will be provided the opportunity to produce an effective marketing strategy for their product and have their user group evaluate their success.

How can I help my Son/Daughter?


Encouraging creative work and activities at home

Different experiences for example travel, local events, visiting exhibitions – Museum in Leicester:

Downloading software where possible – ask teacher to recommend

Library trips


Creative Review

Wallpaper Magazine


BBC Revision Guide

Encouraging use of sketchbooks / cameras

Equipment can be offered by school where needed, please refer to teacher

Design & Technology

By ensuring he keeps up to date with work set, especially with the Non Exam Assessment to ensure all sections are completed to a high standard

Text books- PG Online Design and Technology 9-1 ISBN:978-1-910523-10-0
Useful website:
Any other recommended resources: PowerPoints after each lesson, as well as notes and other important and useful resources to support learning will be made available on the students P: drive under Design and Technology GCSE

Key dates:


Key dates:


Set Task – Themes released Jan 2018 / Exam April 2018 (Y11)

Mock Exam Dates TBC

Product Design:

Exam - Themes released Jan 2018/ Exam May 2018 (Y11)

Mock Exam Dates TBC

Design & Technology

This can be any trips or activities taking place in the department

Art & Design Technology Map of Learning




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