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The Mathematics department aims to promote the appreciation of the power and beauty of mathematics within each student and to enable each student to develop their mathematical skills and understanding to the limit of their capability. As mathematics is an essential prerequisite for many other subjects within the school curriculum, the department aims to provide each student with the mathematical background that they require in order to be able to apply their mathematics successfully in other areas.


Mathematics is critical in helping us to understand and change the World. It plays a vital role in many aspects of life. Mathematics provides a broad range of skills in problem solving, logical reasoning and flexibl thinking. At Madani, we aim to set challenging targets with high expectations of all students. The students are given the opportunity to develop fluency in performing key mathematical tasks and to think logically and flexibly so that they can develop sound mathematical arguments and solve problems.


Key stage 3


Students in years 7, 8 and 9 learn according to a detailed scheme of work based on the Key Stage 3 Maths Strategy. Class sets for lower ability pupils are kept as small as possible to maximise support. Higher ability pupils are encouraged to achieve their full potential, with the use of additional more challenging topics and differentiation in lessons.

The full KS3 curriculum is taught as a two year programme of teaching in years 7 and 8.

The topics studied here include number and algebra, ratio, proportion, geometry and measures, and probability and statistics.


Key stage 4


At Key Stage Four, students follow the new AQA linear course which means the learning is assessed at the end of year 11. The topics studied in Key stage 3 will be extended with functional elements of mathematics embedded throughout.

Assessment: Students are assessed regularly against the assessment criteria relevant to their ability and schemes of learning are planned to ensure progression for all individuals. ‘Assessing Pupils Progress’ enables us to build a clear profile of the individual strengths and weaknesses of each student. Students will be given a test every term and feedback to students on how to progress is therefore personalised to meet their individual needs.


How can I help my Son/Daughter?


Independent learning has a considerable impact on the progress of our students.

Students are set homework by their teachers on a regular basis. Set work is a mixture of worksheets, online based homework tasks and revision/preparation for assessments.

The maths department has a subscription to the following websites:  

The students all have their own unique login and password to site, where they can access and complete tasks which have been set by the class teacher.


Key dates:

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Mathematics Map of Learning

 Mathematics Map of Learning

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