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Student Attendance / Absence

Student Attendance / Absence

The school aims to follow the guidance from the DCSF strictly on all matters relating to this important aspect of school life and in particular, concerning absence during term time.

Madani Schools Federation aims to ensure that all students are educated to the highest level possible. The school is committed to educational excellence and success, and has devised programmes of study which map out a structured path of learning for all our students.  In order to succeed in this very important aim we expect full and punctual attendance from all our students as we believe that any breaks in continuity will have a negative impact on the students overall achievement.

The school will work closely with the Local Authority, Social Services and any other authorities to prevent truancy and promote good attendance.  The service is available to parents and students who experience any problems.  Educational Social Workers (ESW) are able to carry out home visits and are a vital link between home and the school. To help all our children get the best out of their educational experience we need the full support of parents.

Attendance and Punctuality

The school considers punctuality as an essential part of the tarbiyah programme and a vital component of the schools drive to improve standards of achievements. Therefore all students must attend the school and all their lessons on time. The following sanctions will be applied if lateness occurs in the first half term.

 First Late warning is given by the  Form Tutor

 Second Late a 20 minutes detention is given by the Pastoral Team

 Third late a I hour detention is given by the Pastoral Team

 Subsequent Lates will result in parents being contacted by the Pastoral Team.

 Persistent Lateness will  be dealt with by the Education Welfare Officer from the Local Authority.

 Lateness to lessons will be dealt with by the individual Teaching Departments

Student Absence

Should a child be absent for any reason, the parent/guardian must let the school know, by telephone and send a note on his/her return explaining his/her absence.  All explained absences will be recorded on the child’s attendance record as authorised.  Authorised absences are given if a student is ill.  Medical and other appointments should be made out of school hours whenever possible.

Parents are asked to contact the school by telephone before 9am if their child is unable to attend.

Any phone calls made by parents to the school will be recorded on the relevant section of SIMS by Admin.

On the first day of unexplained absence a text message will be sent to parents by the Pastoral Team.

If no reason is given for student’s absence upon return the Pastoral Team will contact the parents.

If still no reason is established then absence will be marked as unauthorised.

The school can choose to mark as unauthorised any absence it deems to have occurred for inappropriate reasons.

Positive Attendance at Madani Schools: Helping Pupils to Succeed

School is an important part of the lives of children and young people. It is where they begin to develop new skills, make friendships and it helps prepare them for their future. When a child misses school, they can miss out on these vital opportunities and their learning and friendships may suffer. Whilst 90% is an excellent result in a test, a child with an attendance level of 90% or less is classed as a poor attender and their outcomes in school can be badly affected. Download the document below for more information

 Positive attendance at Madani Schools

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